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Highest number of babies birth recorded in India

Number of Babies birth in 2018 in India

Number of Babies birth in 2018 in India,babies, Born babies, Baby

New Year is Started and we all have busy schedule. but we don't know about this news....
I know this is not a big news for you but it's a news so it's my duty to inform you "The Number of Babies Birth in the world".

This is Big News for us that India Recorded The Highest Numbers of Babies Birth in this year.
India Recorded 70,000 Births in this Time.  

The Highest Number of  babies India Recorded

India is now Progressive Country and it is developing like a Smart Country. I'm also Indian citizen so i am feel proud my country is progressing like a Smart country.

The United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF) said that "United Nations Expected more then 395,000 babies born around the world on New year's Day. and India estimated to have recorded the Highest number of births at almost 70,000."

India is expected 69,944 babies births, China is expected 44,940 babies births, Pakistan is expected 15,112 babies births, United Status is expected 11,086 babies births, Nigeria is expected 25,685 babies births, Indonesia is expected 13,256 babies births, Bangladesh is expected 8,428 babies births on this New Year day.

here is list

expected babies births on this New Year day
No. Country expected
1 India 69,944
2 China 44,940
3 Pakistan 15,112
4 United Status 11,086
5 Nigeria 25,685
6 Indonesia 13,256
7 Bangladesh 8,428
8 Domestic Republic of congo 10,053
In this new Year about 395,072 babies will be born around the world. babies births is listed in the Table.

at midnight 168 babies Sydney estimated, in Tokyo 310 babies, in Beijing 605 babies, in Madrid 166 babies and New York 317 Babies estimated.

UNICEF's Every Child alive Champing calls for immediate investment to deliver affordable, quality health care solutions for every Mother and newborn babies.

about UNICEF

UNICEF (United nations International Children's Emergency Fund)

UNICEF (United nations International Children's Emergency Fund)
Abbreviation Formation Type Legal status Headquarters Head Website
UNICEF 11 December 1946 Fund Active New York City, USA Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund
List of UNICEF National Committees
No. Countries
1 Andorra
2 Australia
3 Australia
4 Belgium
5 Canada
6 Czech Republic
7 Denmark
8 Estonia
9 Finland
10 France
11 Germany
12 Greece
13 Hong Kong
14 Hungary
15 Iceland
17 Ireland
18 Israel
19 Italy
20 Japan
21 Republic of Korea
22 Lithuania
23 Luxembourg
24 Netherlands
25 New Zealand
26 Norway
27 Poland
28 Portugal
29 San Marino
30 Slovakia
31 Slovenia
32 Spain
33 Sweden
34 Switzerland
35 Turkey
36 United Kingdom

The agency warned that in several countries many babies will not even be named as they won't make it past their first day. According to UNICEF in 2017, about 1,000,000 babies died the day they were born and 2,500,000 in just their first month of their life. so, it's very painful for here. we all wan't to do something about this problem. 

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New Year Babies,baby clothes,new baby

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New Year Babies,baby clothes,new baby

  • "save a Child Save Tomorrow."
  • "save child, save future generations."
I tried to give you information about UNICEF. is it is useful for you type yes in comment box.

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